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About The Region

South of Stavropol territory, in the south-western part of Russia, you can visit a unique region with the steppe landscape dominated by 17 developed volcanoes. The enormous power of underground magma could only elevate several segments of the earth's upper layers and made dome-like peaks. Famous balneological resorts are situated in this area: Pyatigorsk, Essetuky, Zheleznovodsk and the climatic resort Kislovodsk. These resorts have become widely known due to the availability of various types of mineral waters.


The proximity of the Main Caucasian Ridge in the South and drought steppes in the north of the Black and Azov Seas in the west and Caspian Sea in the east affects the climate and weather of the Caucasian spas. Here we find a combination of the continental and the sea climate. The average temperature in January is minus 5 degrees Celsius and in July plus 25 degrees Celsius. In Kislovodsk, located higher than other Caucasian resorts, the atmospheric pressure is lowered, and the air is distinguished by its extraordinary purity. At the day time, even in winter, it is warm; at nights even in the summer - you experience a pleasant coolness. Sunny and dry winter in Kislovodsk is typical; the snow may be enjoyed not more than 40-45 days a year. In Pyatigorsk, Essentuky and Zheleznovodsk the climate is characterized by warm temperatures and moderate precipitation - 500 - 600 mm., with air pressure from 720 to 760.

Mineral Waters

Curative waters found in this region are produced by nature itself: precipitation and snow fogs moisten the soil and penetrate to significant depths. On the way there the water dissolves some of the mountain rocks and is enriched by their salts, gas and in certain cases by radioactive isotopes. In the area there are 120 springs of 12 different types. The principal types of waters include:

  • cold carbon-dioxide water (narzanz)
  • cold carbon-dioxide salty-alkaline water (like Essentuky No 17)
  • hot carbon-dioxide water (like Smirnovskaya, Slavyanovskaya)
  • hot carbon dioxide-hydrogen sulphide water
  • radon water

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